By Committee

By Committee
Author Greg Kirkpatrick, Chris Geisel
Author Comments Greg and I designed this map together from start to finish, hence the name. We made it towards the end of the summer, and made great use of Vulcan's 'copy and paste' to make the winding, organic hallways where Bob is kept locked in the basement. About this time I was reading a book that mentioned the French philosopher Bataille (sp?), and a group of conceptual artists called the Survivalists. Anyway, they'd make pieces that would test people: test their empathy, and test their suicidal tendencies. I think the point was that they believed that you were only truly Alive when you were in danger, so they'd make machines that would spin people around while randomly firing flamethrowers and other deadly things. This was the inspiration for the Bob-o-lator, our Infinity empathy test.
Size 846 polygons, 2075 WU²
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