Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe

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Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe
Author Jason Jones
Author Comments I remember a day in November, when I asked Greg, "Hey, do you still have a copy of Carnage Palace?" that was the first map we ever built, and the map that most of the initial testing of the rasterizer and the monster code was done on (there's an early screen shot from it, of a player holding the rocket launcher watching a door open in front of him; this was when we still had doors which cast shadows/light as they moved). Anyway, after Mars Wants/Needs Women was built we never played Carnage Palace again until one day nobody had a copy any more. I built this level in the spirit of the original, but it turned out to be too cramped (the original was huge) and somehow just never caught on the same way).
Size 105 polygons, 81 WU²
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