Where Some Rarely Go

Where Some Rarely Go
Author Greg Kirkpatrick, Chris Geisel
Author Comments Where Some and Thing What Kicks were the first two levels designed for Infinity, that Greg and I worked on after hours at the web company where I was employed, using Lil Buddy, his Power Book 5300c. Where Some Rarely Go is a remote Phfor outpost on Lh'owon, where the incompetent commanders are consistently hampered by a lack of machinery and functional compilers to maintain it. The reason is that there is a slightly insane Science Officer that is obsessed with his comparitive research on F'lickta and S'pht, and who keeps taking apart the compilers in his laboratory. There is also some level of mutiny in the ranks, which is hinted at in one of the terminals. Greg and I had a lot of fun with this level and with the terminal texts, which were substantially edited and shortened for the final game. Originally I went nuts and wrote about ten terminals which had all sorts of random crosstalk on the Phfor network (but they were only funny to Greg and I).
Size 368 polygons, 1967 WU²
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