Post Naval Trauma

Post Naval Trauma
Author Chris Geisel
Author Comments Post Naval is a play on Post Natal Trauma, but you're attacking the Phfor navy... yeah, corny. This is the first really big level that I designed, and I got a bit carried away. At one point, Greg had to force me to finish the level, because it had become this huge sprawling beast that was eating my soul. I was working nights on Infinity, and working days at an online magazine and web technology division of a giant media company, and I was working on a Powerbook 5300c, and Post Naval was driving me insane. I drew a picture of a crab or beetle shaped ship, and Post Naval was supposed to take place in the left front 'pincer' and 'thorax' of the ship. Originally the juggernauts could fly in and out of all their hangars and around the ship, but they couldn't always figure out how to get inside, and it was really easy for the player to blow himself out into space. The views were so complicated that the frame rate slowed to a crawl. I owe Greg a tremendous debt for knocking me unconscious, retexturing and tweaking the architecture on this level. Otherwise I might never have finished it, and it might never have emerged from the confusion that is its architecture. Around this time we all started getting into the idea of secret areas--the 3x recharge and ammo dump is one of the first secrets we made. There's actually another section to this level that I designed that never was finished--the secret area is a truncated part of it.
Size 673 polygons, 1205 WU²
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