Poor Yorick

Poor Yorick
Author Chris Geisel, Greg Kirkpatrick, Randy Reddig
Author Comments This level was my creation, but everybody made changes, added architecture, retextured, and tweaked the monsters before it was through. Believe it or not, the original idea for the level was to have a ruined S'pht area that was infested with F'lickta, and which would culminate with the player finding the ball sitting on an ornate dais deep within the structure. When the player picked up the skull F'lickta would come pouring out of the woodwork, Indiana Jones style, to revenge themselves on whomever dared disturb their totem. Unfortunately, we could never get the ball to appear in a single player game, so the idea was dropped. The title for the level remained. This level was a very early creation.
Size 565 polygons, 2115 WU²
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