Rise Robot Rise

Rise Robot Rise
Author Chris Geisel, Greg Kirkpatrick
Author Comments The title for this level came from my subconscious but I think it was probably the title of some pulpy '50s era sf film--if it wasn't, it coulda been. This was one of the earlier levels designed, sometime back in February or March after the two dam levels, but it went through at least three revisions and doubled in size by the end of the game. The starting point for the level went through at least three revisions. It was Greg's idea to have the player rise out of some kind of stasis cell. The original design was a huge room with a constantly moving floor, but the Phfor fighters were always getting trapped on it. I designed the final start area and Greg went back just before the game was finished and finessed it a little, adding in the recharge and putting the weapons in plain sight. The point of this level was to have the player looking for weapons and trying to survive the fighting going on. The fights between the enforcers and the rest of the crew turned out well, and we set them up so that the battles can go either way. You should play the level on Total Carnage or Major Damage for best results. That goes for all of the levels.
Size 550 polygons, 1156 WU²
Map Writing WHERE AM I ?
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