Foe Hammer

Foe Hammer
Author Chris Geisel, Randy Reddig
Author Comments Foe Hammer was my level, and the name comes from Tolkien. This was another level where I wanted to put a secret area. There's a switch just below the Phfor slime in the second large room that opens a door at the bottom of the second (non-functional) elevator. Down there is a souped up Mother of All Hunters, a rocket launcher, and other treats. Randy helped me tweak the outdoor areas (which have some nice views) and the two of us came up with a design that had a group of drones flying around on the outside of the ship, firing in at the player, but we scrapped it for speed reasons, and because at times the landscapes became cluttered with drone corpses, which really killed the suspension of disbelief.
Size 311 polygons, 758 WU²
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