Naw Man He’s Close

Naw Man He’s Close
Author Chris Geisel, Greg Kirkpatrick
Author Comments Naw Man is a quote from Apocalypse Now's bridge scene, and started out life as a concept--the player free falling toward the hull of Durandal's ship with an assault team of troopers. The original design was by me, and was centered around a control tower above a pool of the ubiquitous (and hard to understand) Phfor slime. I finished about half of the map and then started working on terminals for the rest of the levels. Greg took over the map near the end of Infinity, revamped it (are you seeing a pattern?), added in some architecture that he'd never used on M2 (the pulsing lights in the hallway, the secret door in the 'Y' passage way, and some others) and finished it up.
Size 528 polygons, 1349 WU²
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