Whatever You Please

Whatever You Please
Author Randy Reddig
Author Comments This was Randy's first level, and he designed it on Double Aught's first hardware purchase ever, the 7100AV. Greg told Randy to name the computer 'Whatever You Please', and so he did. I guess he liked it so much he named the map too. If you've played the 'hard path' on Whatever You Please, you know that this level can be one of the most difficult in the game. Well, Ydnar's original design was just about that hard on the 'easy path', and the 'hard path' was impossible. We used to routinely run out of fusion batteries and be unable to finish. Greg got tired of taking a lava bath and Ydnar scaled back the difficulty so that mortals could complete it. It's one of the more fun levels, in my opinion. Try the 'hard path' (the moving pillars above the walkway)--it's really tough.
Size 167 polygons, 370 WU²
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