Thing What Kicks...

Thing What Kicks...
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Author Comments Thing What Kicks was the first level made for Infinity, by Greg on the Power Book at his friend Ebon's house where he was staying until he found an apartment in Brooklyn. Because the first level of M2 refers to flooding the Phfor water system, we thought it would be cool if the player actually got a chance to do so in Infinity. We designed this level and the previous level so that they were on the same 'river', and you can see that the dam is up stream from Where Some Rarely Go. Greg made this level while teaching me to use Vulcan, Forge's demented predecessor, and teaching me all his tricks for good Marathon map design. I think this level is one of the best ones in the game, and you can tell that Greg spent a lot of time on the architecture, the layout, and the way the areas fit together. I think at one point Vulcan crashed, and he had to go back and redo a significant portion of the map. 'Course that can probably be said for most of the maps.
Size 513 polygons, 2021 WU²
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