Ex Cathedra

Ex Cathedra
Author Doug Zartman
Author Comments My only scenario level, partly inspired by the third-party Marathon map "Villa Banzai". At E3, a Marathon fan suggested I check out this map. I did, and thought it was great - beautiful realization of what was obviously an attractive real-world structure. Though I had done levels based on real-world structures before (i.e., my house, the office) I had never thought of doing one based on an architectural plan, much less of a building that was good looking. So I spent some time looking for plans, and found one of a cathedral in Durham, England that looked cool, but easy enough to replicate. I spent an enormous amount of time on it, about 4 from-the-ground-up revisions, maybe 80 hours over a period of 3 months (since level design wasn't my job, it was mostly done at home).
Size 417 polygons, 1449 WU²
Map Writing The NAR
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